Not Just A Home

25 Years Experience

Message from CEO.

Since establishment in 2010, we, at RD-DESIGN, have always believed that nothing is impossible. Armed with passion, willpower, hard work, and a sense of responsibility, we succeeded in building the concept of uniqueness and leadership. Eighteen years of industrious work and relentless pursuit have yielded the remarkable growth of RD-Design, yet remains our genuine belief that there is a lot more to achieve. RD-Design has a diverse portfolio featuring large, successful projects executed by RD-Design for both public and private sectors. Throughout the years, RD-Design has succeeded in establishing its renown for quality, excellence and proficiency, as we work with each client individually to provide tailor-made services that best fit every client’s needs.

In addition, we always strive to provide the highest quality of cost-efficient services in a timely manner. Currently, Our continuing expansion owes much to our awareness and knowledge of technological advances and global trends.

Customer satisfaction is our number one objective, thus, we constantly raise our standards of excellence by staying abreast of state-of-the-art technologies.

Moreover, RD-Design offers considerable flexibility in order to always achieve customer satisfaction. Aiming at contributing to reshaping the construction industry, RD-Design is always looking for new techniques and following the international standard to best benefit our valued customers. RD-Design is backed by a strong team of highly skilled and qualified employees whom we consider our success partners. We have faith in our employees and believe that they are our success partners and family members. We give special care to ensure that we all enjoy the best possible working conditions in a rewarding environment that is based on teamwork, flexibility, sound ethics and best safety practices.

RD-Design is also keen on employee safety and health, thus, we constantly work on enhancing the safety standards and promoting awareness across the Organization. We believe that the establishment of successful communities and groups requires continuous care for others through instilling the sense of responsibility and protection for the environment in all our staff and employees. We encourage the young and invest heavily in their new ideas in order to improve their capabilities and utilize their challenging spirit.

At RD-Design, not only do we learn from our own experiences, we also relish the opportunity to learn from other leading companies’ mistakes and successes. Behind our own success stand our strategic partnerships. Hence, we extend our deep appreciation and warm thanks to our dear clients and subcontractors. Old successes fuel every team member with more determination towards more growth and achievements in all our business partnerships. Thank you..

Ramses Slim


Ramses Slim
RD Design CEO
Cinema Production Designer
Art Director

Ramses holds a bachelor degree from Academy Of Arts -high institute of cinema, Egypt – 2001.
He is a creative art director with a strong passion for cinema, his regional exposure and strong cinematic family background inherited from his father (Nabil Slim) –  The Famous TV Art Director – Has given him unique edge in the market.
He has more then 20 years of experience in residential, hospitality and Commercial projects.
He was accredited an award from the Egyptian international society of arts and culture on his outstanding work.
His wealth of experience which covered over 25 TV series, 15 movies, TV programs, advertisements and video clips is what made him a brand name in the local and regional market in the field of interior design.

About RD Design.

RD Design is a full-service interior design and finishing company since 2010, specialized in both residential and commercial projects with cinematic themed designs which made us unique in the local market.
Whether you need a quick refresh of furniture and paint colors, or an extensive whole-house renovation, or even construction amendments to your home, we can provide the expertise to make sure the project runs smoothly and gives you the best results possible.

Our Commitment
We are committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service.
Our goal is always to create designs tailored to our clients’ unique personal styles and practical needs. Much of our business comes from repeat clients and direct referrals. Once people hire us, they seem to never let us go!

Our Mission.

Capitalising on our CEO 20 years hands on experience and education in Cinema Production and Interior Design, our team were able to convert any regular home into a movie or an art place converting our clients’ homes to their place of serenity and enjoyment – just as they dreamt it to be.
No other company in Egypt can mix both aspects Cinema and interior design into a dream home except us.

Our Vision.

To become the best cinematic themed interior design and finishing company of choice in Egypt.